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Meet our staff through their chosen quotes about why they do the work they do. Each staff member has a unique reason why they work for Violence Intervention Project, but we all share a common thread: we desire to help those affected by relationship violence or sexual violence.

Staci is one of our Co-Executive Directors. She is passionate about helping those affected by relationship and sexual violence.
Amy is one of our Co-Executive Directors. Her passion for advocacy is contagious, and her knowledge in the field is phenomenal!
Elizabeth is our Umbrella Tree Coordinator. Her caring heart and passion for children and families drive her dedication.
Ashlee is our Administrative Assistant extraordinaire. She brings experience and compassion to VIP in quiet, unassuming ways.
Judy is one of our dynamic administrative assistants. Her wisdom and calm-nature brings peace to the office.
Michele is one of our Administravie assistants and former VIP Board Member. Her enthusiasm and wisdom are appreciated at our agency!
Amanda is a dynamic night advocate. Her caring heart leaves clients feeling calm and reassured.
Trudy is a vivacious night advocate. She continually strives to meet the client needs.
Kara is our Marshall, Pennington, and Red Lake County advocate. Her compassion knows no bounds.
Carmen is our housing advocate. Her helpful spirit, caring heart, and encouraging words help not only the clients we serve, but also those in the office.
Kaydell is our Kittson County Advocate. She is a bright spot for her clients!
Rachel serves the individuals in Roseau County. Her experience and knowledge, combined with her sparkling personality, makes her an asset to her clients.
Heidi is one of our night advocates. Her mild nature is calming and reassuring to those we serve.
Angela serves Pennington, Marshall and Red Lake Counties. She works to make even a small difference in someone else’s life.