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Who is eligible?
Families who have difficulty with visitation or exchange because of conflict or intimidation, including those that have experienced domestic abuse and child abuse or neglect.

For example:

  • Parents who are court ordered to have supervised visitation or exchanges
  • Children and parents who have fear of violence, intimidation or harassment connected with visitation
  • Parents using children to control their former partner
  • Families where children are in foster care
  • Parents who have a history of picking up their children under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Parents who are currently undergoing paternity proceedings

Do parents see each other at the Safety Center?
The Umbrella Tree maintains a no contact policy between parents to eliminate stress on the children during visitation and to maintain a safe environment especially when domestic violence has been an issue in the family.

Does it cost anything?
There are some fees for Umbrella Tree services.  In some cases the fee may be waived.

We want services to be accessible so fees for supervised visits and exchanges are based on a sliding scale and will vary according to household income and household size. Clients may fill out an application to determine if they are eligible for the sliding fee and what the fee will be.